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Welcome to your future....

We will teach you the skill
you need to become a
Guide, Wrangler or Outfitter! We can even guide
you through the process of
buying an outfitting business!

Bliss Creek Outfitters has been training professional big game guides, wranglers and camp cooks since 1992. We are the most comprehensive program available and we have the most experienced team of instructors in the World. We do not require a home-study course.

Bliss Creek Outfitters specializes in training top-notch wilderness archery elk guides, professional wranglers and professional camp cooks. Rusty Sanderson and his team of professional taxidermy, first aid, farrier, kitchen specialists & horse trainers work with you to give you the advantage you need to guide during your first year of work.

We offer both 4-week group classes and 4-week private instruction, as well as job placement assistance after graduation. With our network of licensed & reputable outfitters, we can have a job waiting for you upon successful graduation from any of our schools.

Our Professional Guide School trains top-notch guides and packers. Ninety percent of our successful graduates are guiding their first year. We are the only school who has this type of success rate in the world.

Our Professional Wrangler School offers in depth horsemanship, training and camp maintenance to provide a "soon-to-be-wrangler" all the skills necessary to be successful. Students will also learn how to successfully maintain a camp an respectfully serve clients with confidence and efficiency.

Looking to Buy your own Outfitting Business. Bliss Creek Outfitters can not only teach you everything you need to know to become an outfitter, but we can also help you find and purchase your own outfitting business. If your looking to buy an outfitting business right away, give us a call! Through our personalized schools, we can teach you how to book clients, promote hunts, fill out Forest Service forms, write an operating plan... everything you need to run your own successful outfitting business.

The advantage Bliss Creek Outfitters Schools gives you our reputation for training successful guides, cooks & wranglers. We concentrate on technical and advanced training to give our students the advantage. Nearly 90% of our graduates guide, work as a head cook and wrangle successfully at their first job.

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