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Choosing A Guide School

Choosing a guide school is an important decision that will help shape your future. A guide school is not only a place you will learn your new trade, it should be a place where you feel comfortable enough to be yourself and have confidence in your instructor that he will give you the tools to become successful.

With that said, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing a school. It is important that the school you choose has qualified instructors. If the instructors of a school have never gone to guide school, have never guided and most importantly have never outfitted, how can they teach you what you need to know about becoming a successful guide, packer or outfitter.

Also choose a school with instructors that have gone through guide school. If your instructors do not have the experiences you want to have, they cannot really help you become successful. If your instructor learned what he knows from a book, he will not be able to help you in "Real World" situations.

What, if the school you want to attend tells you they require a home-study course, what will they be teaching you when you get to school? By requiring a home study course the school is telling you that they can not teach you what you need to learn. You must learn lessons yourself from a book or video. Many book-based courses are outdated or do not give you "Real World" experiences. A home study course would have to be rewritten every year in order to stay current.

Next, it is important that the school you choose focuses on the things you want to learn. Not every school focuses strictly on guiding and packing. Some schools teach you fishing, how to shoot a gun, how to shoot a bow and other information you may not necessarily need to learn. you may already know it! Be sure to choose a school that fits your educational needs. Most importantly, be sure that the school you are about to choose does not just "let everyone graduate". Take seriously the curriculum and how the school monitors your progress; with tests, activities, etc.

What are the facilities like at the school you are about to attend? Be sure the school you are choosing has the facilities that will give you the real world atmosphere that is essential in learning how to become a guide, packer, wrangler or outfitter. For example, some schools give you log cabins, but how many wilderness outfitters can hunt from a log cabin? The answer, none! Any wilderness outfitter must use base-camp facilities that are not permanent fixtures. Any wilderness outfitter must "leave no trace" at the conclusion of their hunting season. Choose a school that gives you as real an experience as possible, otherwise you may be in for a big surprise when you begin working in the real world.

Your future will change the minute you choose your guide school. Do your research and be sure the school fits your needs, the instructors have the tools to educate you and you will learn what you need to learn to become the most successful guide possible.

How does Bliss Creek Compare?

Bliss Creek Outfitters Wilderness Archery Guide & Packer School has been training professional big game guides, wranglers, packers and camp cooks since 1992. We are the most comprehensive program available and we have the most experienced team of instructors in the World. We do not require a home-study course.

Bliss Creek offers 4-week group classes and 4-week private instruction classes. We also offer 100% job placement after successful graduation from our course. Yes, we do not graduate everyone, you must successfully pass our course. With our network of licensed outfitters, we will have a job waiting for you upon successful graduation from our school.

We offer real-world facilities for our students. Heated or ventilated wall-tents with log beds for sleeping, a large cook tent for family-style meals, heated shower tent and restroom facilities, and a classroom that is as real-world as it gets, the Washakie Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest. Our livestock are some of the best in the business; dude horses and mules that are safe enough for anyone to work with or ride.

The advantage Bliss Creek Outfitters Wilderness Guide & Packer School gives you is our reputation for training successful guides. We concentrate on technical and advanced training to give our students the advantage. Nearly 90% of our graduates guide at their first job.

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