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Personalized Guide Training

No school in the world offers this type of specialized training.

Bliss Creek Outfitters brings the newest and most exciting guiding school to life. In this school, YOU have the ultimate advantage. Personalized Guide Training is one-on-one training with Rusty Sanderson in Bliss Creek Meadows and at Bliss Creek Ranch.

You will spend four (4) weeks at Bliss Creek Outfitters during our Summer or Hunting seasons, or in the winter during our booking season.

First you will be the only student in class. Next, the class is often held at times when clients are present. Your class is tailored to meet your learning speed and your goals in a real-world setting. If you have the desire to learn more about a particular subject, let us know. Since this is personalized training, more material can be covered than in a group setting.

This school also gives you the student responsibility from day one. We expect our students to be an active part of their education. Willingness to ask questions, willingness to be active in the maintenance of your camp or classroom by keeping it clean. Participation in your day to day education is essential to your success.

"Personalized Guide Training" is the ultimate in guide training and is held in January, February. March, May, August, September, October, November and December. Cost of the class is $1,525.00 per week - $6,200.00 for the four week school. Remember, there is only one student per class, YOU!

Some of the material covered during your class is as follows. Bliss Creek Outfitters reserves the right to alter the curriculum as needed:
Guiding Skills & Equipment
Trophy Care
1. Use of Binoculars 1. Field Dressing Game
2. Use of Spotting Scope 2. Capping
3. Knives & Knife Care 3. Packing Game Species & Antlers
4. Guides's Back-Pack

4. Field Care for Trophies

5. Fire Starting
Stalking & Tracking Game

6. Maps & Compasses

1. Identifying Tracks & Big Game Sign
Camp Set-Up & Equipment
2. Stalking
1. Tent Care
3. Bugling for Elk
2. Lantern Care & Set-up  

3. Cross-Cut Saw Use & Safety

4. Axe Use & Safety Use of Scents
5. Setting up a Tent Camp Gun & Bow Safety
  Field Judging & Scoring Big Game

Hunting in Grizzly Country

About Our One-on-One School

Held in beautiful Cody, Wyoming, the East entrance to Yellowstone National Park, Bliss Creek Outfitters began teaching a guide school in 1993. We specialize in training successful Archery Elk guides, packers and wranglers.

Class is held where you want! We utilize Bliss Creek Ranch and the Washakie Wilderness during your stay. You will cover packing skills, rules and regulations, horsemanship skills, first-aid and more.

The advantage Bliss Creek Outfitters Wilderness Guide & Packer School gives you is our reputation for training successful guides. We concentrate on technical and advanced training to give our students the advantage. Nearly 90% of our graduates guide at their first job.

Tuition & Fees

Bliss Creek Outfitters requires a 50% non-refundable deposit along with your application to reserve your place in any of our schools. We accept students on a first-come-first-serve basis. We do not require a home-study course. The cost of the school includes meals and lodging during the 4-week school ONLY. Any personal equipment is the responsibility of the student. All transportation is the responsibility of the student including airline fees, rental cars, etc. There are no refunds of any depsoits or tuition fees paid.

Class Schedule

Class is normally held six (6) days per week. Although the daily schedule varies, generally class is held from 8AM to 6PM, with a one-hour lunch. Breakfast is held at 7AM and dinner is held at 6PM. Each class schedule is personally designed for the individual student.

Grading System

Students will be graded on a scale of A+ (Exceptional Pass) to F (Fail). Students will take several quizzes each week. Not all quizzes will be announced. Students will also take several hands-on tests during the school. Your final exam will be taken the final day of class. Student will be graded on Work Ethic, Packing, Shoeing, Leadership, Technical Knowledge, Bugling, Guiding, Horsemanship, Taxidermy, Quizzes and Final Exam.

Job Placement

Students will receive job placement if they request it. Those students wishing to go to work right away will be placed with outfitters. We have a great network of outfitters looking for qualified guides. 90% of our students guide their first year and that is what we anticipate for you! If you wish to work immediately after school, we encourage you to come prepared to go right to work.

School Facilities

Bliss Creek Outfitters offers top-notch facilities and equipment for our students. We offer a camp-like setting with waterproof, heated canvas wall-tents for sleeping, heated shower tent, large cook tent for family style meals, a heated classroom and equine facilities for packing and riding. Our horses and mules are dude friendly for those that have never ridden before.

Refund Policy

Full tuition and deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable. The school will however, accept a replacement studnet in the event you cancel, and if a replacement is found, either through your efforts or the school's, the school will trnsfer your deposit and tuition fees to a class the following year. If a studnet withdraws from the school, for any reason, proir to completion of the course, there are no refunds of deposits or tuition fees paid.

Our school is only for those men and women who are VERY serious about becoming a professional guide in wilderness country. This is the most demanding guide and packer school in the world. We turn out only the best guides, wranglers and packers in the United States. Guiding and outfitting is a very demanding, yet rewarding field. If you think you have what it takes, give us a call. We will teach you what you need to know to become a top-notch guide.

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