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Commonly Asked Questions

What is different between your school compared and other guide schools?

We concentrate on training archery elk guides. We also pack-in and pull strings farther than any other school in the United States. You will pack a minimum of 100 miles in four (4) weeks. 99% of the outfitters that call us looking for qualified guides are looking for archery elk guides. Guiding a client to an elk with a bow is the toughest type of hunting there is. Outfitters know that if a guide is trained to hunt archery elk, that guide will have no problem guiding a client to a bear, deer, antelope, etc. with a gun. Additionally, archery elk guides are in demand. Our school is a college level school compared to all other guide schools.

Why do you only run two group classes each year?

Running a limited number of schools each year allows me to be with the students every day. I concentrate solely on the school. We do not have summer guests or hunters while the group school is in session. Until 2009, I would only run one class each year. However, I was approached by several outfitters requesting that I run an additional school to meet the demand for qualified wilderness guides. I now run two group schools each year to meet the demands of outfitters looking for top-notch guides. The demand for our students to work as guides and packers in the hunting industry is always high.

Is there any difference between your April and June Classes?

The curriculum is the same in both classes. The main difference is the "classroom". The April class, does not pack into the wilderness for the last two (2) weeks of the school. In April, the high mountains are still covered with snow and is impassable. Even though we will not be staying in the high country the last two weeks, you will still be riding and packing more than any other school. We will take day rides on wilderness trails to give you the experience you will need to be a savvy packer. All students are placed with outfitters after graduation. The April students will be working for outfitters, when the June class is in session.

Do you cover fishing in your school?

Teaching our students to fish is a waste of your time. We have only four (4) weeks with you. That is just enough time to teach you the essentials of guiding for archery elk and packing. We concentrate on teaching you how to become a guide in the wilderness.

What sets your school apart from other schools?

Our base camp is located 22 miles into the wilderness. You will be packing and pulling a string over 100-miles during the course of the four (4) week school, weather permitting. Most students in the Personalized Guide Training will ride and pack 200 miles during the 4 weeks. Most schools operate from a camp located 6 to 10 miles from the road. With Bliss Creek, you will be packing more in one week than other schools do during the entire course. Bliss Creek's school is the toughest in the United States. We demand a lot from our students because their future employees expect the best from Bliss Creek Outfitters Guide & Packer School. We help you become a success from day-one.

Do you offer financing and payment plans?

Yes, we can taylor a payment plan to fit your needs. The payment plan can be set up for a class this year or in future years. This give you the option making payments when you are able. We offer 12, 24 or 36 month payment plans. All payments must be complete before the start of your scheduled class. Give Bliss Creek a call and we will be happy to discuss a plan with you.

Do You offer Job Placement?

Yes, We offer 100% job placement after you successfully graduate from our Professional Wilderness Archery Elk Guide & Packer School. With our vast network of outfitters throughout the Western United States, we will have a job waiting for you with a first class outfitter. Not all outfitters qualify to receive one of our graduates. You will be placed with a first class outfitter.

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