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Elk Bugles in Bliss Creek Meadows of Bliss Creek Outfitters, Cody, WyomingArchery Elk
Our archery elk season runs from September 1 to September 30. This is the majestic bugle season. Our archery elk hunts are true wilderness experiences and not for the half-hearted hunter. Your physical condition will determine how much your guide can do with you. Our archery elk hunts are 7 days in length.
Success varies from year to year.

Shooting success at bulls 40 yards or less has averaged around 75% in the past 18 years with the harvest depending on the hunters. We take 4 to 8 bowhunters per hunt. The Wyoming Game & Fish Deparment has 25 "archery only" tags set aside for this area. Archery tags are almost guaranteed. These hunts fill up quickly so book early.

Rifle Elk
General rifle elk season runs October 1-21. We run 7-day hunts with one or two-hunters per guide. We take 4-8 hunters per hunt, with 5-6 hunters being the average. Hunting will vary from calling in bulls, to glassing and stalking, to still hunting through timber.

Lots of horseback riding, day and night, and walking are usually required. On all of our elk hunts we hunt all day long. You will be leaving the base camp in the dark and returning in the dark.

Late Season Elk
November 1-30 is our late elk season. This is when the big bulls migrate out of the high fall range and out of Yellowstone National Park down to the winter range. It is not uncommon to see herds of 100-200 elk. This is the time of year when the chance of getting a really big bull are high. Success on these hunts is near 100% on 300 B&C bulls.

Cow Elk
We run 3-day cow elk hunts during the month of November. Cow tags are easy to get and hunters always fill. If you are hunting for meat, this is the hunt for you. We are very flexible on the dates of this hunt.


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